December 18 20



Somelos Digi is the name of the digital application developed by the Somelos group to maintain proximity with the more than 2 thousand customers who contact the fabric producer each season. “We were the first in the world to present a shirt fabric collection for men, women and children through a digital application, made by us from scratch, and adapted to this market specific needs”, says Paulo Melo, the group’s administrator.

“In July, we started to present our collections through this 100% digital application. The pandemic only anticipated a project that we were going to develop in the near future”, explains Paulo Melo. In the first months of the pandemic, Somelos created this platform from scratch, in order to maintain contact with customers at a time when international travel and major textile fairs were closed.

Through Somelos Digi, the company’s customers – the platform has restricted and exclusive access to professionals – have access to the company’s catalogue, but also to a personalized service provided by the sales team.

“The visits are organized by the team, scheduled with the client, and the process of showing the collection is recreated. Our salesman listen and answer to requests in real time from our offices to any part of the globe”, describes Paulo Melo.

The company’s goal is to reach the more than two thousand customers that make up Somelo’s international portfolio. “Customers have joined. After, we have to send them samples, of course, but the commercial contact is digital”, explains the administrator.