is known
as a spearhead
in innovation
with sustainability”
ANA TAVARES We Sustain founder
DOG WOOL IS THE NEW FASHION? Raw Materials Modus Intarsia believes so. Two German entrepreneurs want to revolutionize the textile industry with a sustainable wool business that uses dogs' fur to create pieces as soft as cashmere. The creators guarantee that there is no animal suffering, and that this is the first step to change the textile industry READ MORE
"One kilo
of cotton
spends the same
amount of water
as 10 tons
of polyester"
Carlos Oliveira Trevira Portugal General-Director
PORTUGUESE CORK INSIDE THE NEW MAZDA Sustainability From technical textiles to sustainable and innovative solutions, the Portuguese textile industry is increasingly present in the automotive sector, as is the case of Mazda's new 100% electric car, whose dashboard uses a cork coating made in Portugal READ MORE
“We have a 100%
Even the sewing
threads are made
of tencel cotton,
using cellulose
from eucalyptus
HUGO MIRANDA Adalberto’s director of innovation
MYCLOMA IS A NEW PLATFORM FOR SECOND HAND TEXTILES Circular Economy MyCloma, the online platform that aims to reduce the ecological footprint of the textile sector in Portugal, encourages the purchase and sale of second-hand items, to stop the waste of the more than 200 thousand tons of clothing READ MORE
“More than 50%
of brands
are already
looking for
or recycled
CARLOS AZEVEDO Troficolor’s Commercial Director
PÉ DE CHUMBO DEBUTS DENIM COLLECTION MADE FROM SURPLUS Fashion It is a debut in denim – a collection made from surplus with the aim of promoting textile recycling. Pé de Chumbo’s capsule collection was presented at Portugal Fashion, and in Milan was distinguished by Candiani with the golden label and rivets READ MORE
the ones that
surprised me the most
when looking
for sustainable fabrics
were the world’s
biggest fast fashion
Socks Even in an atypical year, Meia Pata has managed to broaden horizons and conquer new markets. After Russia, in January, the Portuguese children's fashion brand has now reached North America and Norway READ MORE
THE MERMAID RECREATED BY ERT Sustainability In partnership with research centres, ERT developed a new textile coating, presented as a “Mermaid dress” READ MORE
EURATEX WANTS MORE RECYCLING Europe Euratex wants to move towards the creation of five textile waste processing centres in Europe READ MORE
MÖM(E) AWARDED IN JUNIOR DESIGN Kid's clothing Möm(e) received the bronze medal at the Junior Design Awards, in the “Best Children’s Eco Fashion Brand” category READ MORE
NIKE AND AMORIM JOIN FORCES RECYCLE It will be called “Amorim-Nike”, and is a new product that combines recycled sneakers and Portuguese cork READ MORE
414%is the five-year forecast of the sale growth percentage of second-hand clothing online
A BIODEGRADABLE COTTON MASK Daily Day Daily Day's biodegradable cotton mask was one of the first social masks to be certified by CITEVE READ MORE
A NEW DIGITAL DYEING MACHINE Industry The Portuguese manufacturer Mtex has just developed, in partnership with Nextil, a sustainable dyeing machine READ MORE
ECO BRANDS COME TOGETHER Association Between Parallels brings together sustainable brands, from clothing producers to jewellery and accessories READ MORE
27 MILLION FOR SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability Creating a sustainable model for the fashion sector requires an annual investment between 18 and 27 million euro. READ MORE
CIRCULAR ECONOMY With two environmentally friendly projects, RDD and Valerius 360 are running towards sustainability READ MORE
ECO FASHION IS WINNING ONLINE Consumption With the consumption transitioning to the online, sustainable fashion brands are increasingly in demand READ MORE
KNOT RE.LOVE It is with the project that Knot wants to give a second life to the brand’s garments READ MORE
WE SUSTAIN IS THE FUTURE OF TEXTILE Consulting They are the new generation of the Portuguese textile industry and want to take help in the sustainable transition READ MORE
SALSA WANTS TO save WATER Sustainability Reducing water consumption from 30 to 90% is one of Salsa’s environmental goals READ MORE
ISTO, THE QUEEN OF TRANSPARENCY Fashion ISTO only uses sustainable raw materials and promises to take production transparency to the next level READ MORE
SONAE IS A GREEN DEAL SUBSCRIBER Sustainability The executive chairman of Sonae, Cláudia Azevedo, is one of the subscribers of the European Ecological Pact READ MORE
F.S. BABY bets ON SUSTAINABILITY Kid's clothing F. S. Baby's Fall/Winter 20/21 collection gives continuity to the brand’s sustainable commitment READ MORE
JF ALMEIDA DRESSES HOTEL Home Textiles JF Almeida is responsible for designing and producing the new bed and bath linen for a five star hotel in Ibiza READ MORE
TROFICOLOR has new PLATFORM ONLINE STORE Troficolor’s debuted its new online platform for launching the company's Fall/Winter 21/22 collection READ MORE
SOMELOS' BEAUTIFUL STORY Video In a recent video, Somelos Tecidos shows images ranging from its foundation in 1958 to the present day READ MORE