Elsa Parente

“All the clients are asking for sustainable products”

their formal
our fabrics 
have the potential
to create
RITA FORTES Riopele Commercial Director
is out there rocking
Fashion The Portuguese clothing brand Decenio and designer Alexandra Moura have joined forces to create a brand-new collection. #decenioalexandramoura is its name and the début was made by a unisex white T-shirt, with a customizable blue print READ MORE
"If I buy a blouse
for four euros,
knowing that the retailer
and the brand made a profit,
I have to wonder
how much it cost
to make the blouse.
And where
it was made"
Clara Ferreira Alves Expresso newspaper columnist
Swedish Academy Nordiska Textilakademin visits MoreTextile Education A group of over 60 students and teachers from the Swedish Academy Nordiska Textilakademin visited MoreTextile, the largest Portuguese home textiles group. The goal was to provide a real product experience through the touch and feel process READ MORE
“We want
to be
the greenest
wool company
in the world”
Paulo Augusto de Oliveira Paulo de Oliveira administrator
CM Socks takes the gold in Havana Technical socks CM Socks received the golden medal at the International Fair of Havana (FIHAV), relative to the Innovation Prize with their Prevent Sprain socks, patented in 143 countries, which besides preventing sprains, also reduce muscle fatigue and provide stability and comfort to the foot READ MORE
"We knew how to
reinvent processes
and bet
on tailor made suits,
which proved
to be
the right choice"
Paulo Ribeiro Crialme Commercial Director
The green wave is part of Sidónios’ roots sustainability The Ethical Award given to Sidónios by Première Vision in 2018 is the proof that the bet on sustainability it’s a part of the company’s roots – it’s no coincidence that the group is the largest European manufacturer of cupro circular knitwear, an 100% eco-friendly fibre READ MORE
Lantal invests 1.7 million
and nearly doubles capacity
Technical Textiles The conclusion of a 1.7-million-euro investment, which enables Lantal to almost double the production of textiles for the interiors of trains, planes, boats and buses, drove the Portuguese minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, to the company’s factory in Santo Tirso READ MORE
“Big fashion brands,
like H&M, Puma or Adidas,
are looking
for new proposal
and new materials
from suppliers
that are available
to solve
their residue problem”
Fernando Merino ERT innovation director
Emerging To always have a plan B ("and when I don’t, I get angry…") is the golden rule of Carla Lobo, R. Lobo’s manager READ MORE
Inovafil wins Innovation Award Smart Thread Inovafil is the winner of the SME Innovation Prize COTEC-BPI 2019, for companies that excel in innovative practices READ MORE
2020: a year for consolidation Sonix 2020 will be Sonix's year of consolidation, after reaching, in 2018, the record-breaking turnover of 28.6 million euro READ MORE
Josefinas' T-Shirts awarded award Josefina's nem T-shirt line has illustrations of support and encouragement to women victims of domestic abuse READ MORE
40tons of yarn are exported monthly by Solinhas, which employs 23 people and closed 2018 with a turnover of 3.2 million euros
Axfilia grows
in military socks
Technical socks One of Axfilia's bets is placed on socks made for the military forces, which has brought the company a lot of return READ MORE
Inovafil tests new machine Technology Inovafil has been selected to test a technology that allows the production of multiple threads at the same time READ MORE
A . Sampaio: four samples at ISPO Trade Shows The Portuguese companies A Sampaio, Gulbena, LMA, RDD and Tintex were chosen to be at ISPO's Textrends Forum READ MORE
helping the planet with Busp sustainability Busp - buy upcycling save the planet -, is A. Ferreira & Filhos’ new brand of eco-friendly scarves and accessories READ MORE
Mama Ronaldo fetish garment Fashion Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, ans her overalls have become an Instagram sensation READ MORE
Can brazil copy Portugal? Brazil The Portuguese success can be replicated in Brazil, defends Paulo Vaz, ATP general manager READ MORE
Textile exports grew 2% September The 2% increase in September in the textile exports was not enough to bring the numbers back into positive levels READ MORE
Paula Borges is going to expand Baião 2020 will be the year of the great expansion of Paula Borges’ industrial operation in Baião, which employs 32 READ MORE
Zé Armindo likes waking up early... Marigold ...persistence, dogs and Mercedes, but cheese, tattoos, facebook and mosquitoes are not the Inarbel CEO's thing READ MORE
Ferreira de Sá reinforced Investment Ferreira de Sá Tapestries was just reinforced itself with an investment from the spanish Sherpa Capital fund READ MORE
Springkode on Dream Assembly Farfetch The Portuguese Springkode is one of seven startups chosen to join the third edition of Farfetch’s Dream Assembly READ MORE
Aly John: Denim made to last Sustainability Clothes designed to last for years and made from organic materials are Aly John's path to reduce waste and energy READ MORE