"We must continue to invest
on the factors that are critical
for achieving success:
high quality goods and services,
technicality and innovation,
and fast and flexible response"
DASHI WANTS TO STYLE YOUR PETS Fashion Pets now can stroll the street full of style, and the responsible for this phenomenon is Dashi, a Portuguese brand of accessories devoted to our four-legged companions. The items available range from leashes with neoprene finishes, reversible harnesses and even hygienic rugs READ MORE
"We chose
to maintain
in a strategy
we call the
post-Covid 19 era"
DAVID CATALÁN'S VIDEOSHOW PREMIERED AT MILAN FASHION WEEK Fashion It was via videoshow that David Catalán marked its presence in the official calendar of the Milano Fashion Week. In a totally digital version and before viewers from all over the world, the designer presented his new Spring-Summer 2021 collection READ MORE
the watchword
is ecology "
HERE ARE THE NEW PFN WINNERS Fashion Sabrina Lopes, from Escola de Moda do Porto and using LMA fabrics, won in the Category I, while Darya Fesenko, from Modatex, won in Category II, with materials from Albano Morgado, were the winners of the New Creators PFN - Portuguese Fashion News contest READ MORE
"Every day
we receive proposals
from customers
that are returning
from Asia"
NUNO SOUSA Grupo Flor da Moda
THE BAR PROTECTION FROM BALLET ROSA Innovation Ballet Rosa, a specialist in materials and fashion for ballet, has just patented an innovative bar protection that meets all the safety requirements imposed by the pandemic. The protection ensures that the practitioners do not touch the bars that aids them with their movements READ MORE
“I have
always believed
in the reindustrialization
of Europe”
PEDRO LOPES Raclac Founder and CEO
LUÍS BUCHINHO DEBUTS NEW ACCESSORIES LINE Fashion As a way to fight the obstacles and difficulties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, stylist Luís Buchinho decided to develop a line of accessories designed to be sold online and which is already available for purchase on the designer’s digital platform READ MORE
UNIFARDAS DEBUTS AT MEDICA Trade Shows A new catalogue of certified equipment and medical clothing will be presented by Unifardas at Medica Trade Fair READ MORE
TOGETHER FOR SUSTAINABILITY BETWEEN PARALLELS The need for a combined voice for environmentally friendly brands lead to the creation of Between Parallels READ MORE
INDITEX BUILDS GIANT STUDIO Galicia Inditex is about to open a studio where it will produce the photos and videos for the company's campaigns READ MORE
Made in Portugal Machinery MASKS The portuguese companies Apineq and S. Roque have developed a 100% Portuguese surgical mask production machine READ MORE
1600gloves per minute is Raclac's manufacturing capacity
THOUSAND LITRES OF WATER SAVED Sustainability The sustainable brand Nüwa it’s claiming to have saved around 600 thousand litres of water so far READ MORE
Fashion and the 4th revolution Opinion Merging the online with the offline is now essential for achieving success in the fashion world READ MORE
FFF contest For its 7th edition, the fashion film festival FFF included one category dedicated exclusively to home textile brands READ MORE
AGREEMENT Organizations from 30 european regions have reached an agreement that allows the export and import of masks READ MORE
Portuguese masks as a gift EUROPEAN SUMMIT A kit with 16 masks made in Portugal was given by the portuguese prime minister to his European colleagues READ MORE
LINEFORYOU DEBUTS AT MEDICA Trade Shows To reach international customers, Lineforyou will be present at the next Medica Trade Fair, in Dusseldorf READ MORE
LIPACO RENEWS EQUIPMENT Industry Lipaco used the slowdown to finish an investment of around 1.8 million euros in new equipment READ MORE
AMORIM AT PARIS FASHION WEEK Fashion The brand Ernest W. Baker, by Inês Amorim and Reid Baker, debuted on the calendar of the Paris Fashion Week READ MORE
From france
to the world
ETHNIC BLUE Ethnic Blue is the brand of the Portuguese textile Lima & Companhia, but it is presented from Paris READ MORE
SWIMWEAR AND MASK SETS NORTADA Nortada added protection masks to its collection, with patterns that match the brand’s swimwear articles READ MORE
SENSOR FOR INDIVIDUAL MASKS CENTI CeNTI developed a sensor that when incorporated into a mask can monitor its user's breathing rhythm READ MORE
FAIRS ARE STILL ESSENTIAL Trade Shows Trade shows will continue to exist as far as they focus on segmentation and choose to invest in niche market READ MORE
"LEARNING STARTS IN THE FACTORY" Juliana Almeida “We leave college without knowing what a company is”, says Juliana Almeida, from the JF Almeida group READ MORE
HOW TO WIN THE AFRICAN MARKET Helena Malcata For Helena Malcata, the Portuguese ambassador in Ethiopia, sustainability is key to win the African Market READ MORE
SOCKS DELIVERED AT YOU FRONTSTEP WestMister WestMister launched a new subscription program that delivers pairs of socks directly to the subscribers' homes READ MORE