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"It's all
so volatile
that today
the world
in a week"
Vítor Areu Endutex Group’s CEO
children’s clothing In order to face rainy days without ever losing the energy and good spirit, tuc tuc is offering the most resistant and adorable garments for the season, like the rain boots that are an indispensable ally to enjoy every puddle READ MORE
CUBA AWARDS GUIMARÃES MARCA PROJECT Trade Shows “It was up to Marta Mota Prego, Head of the Economic Development Division of the Guimarães City Hall, to receive the Prize in Graphic Advertisement awarded to the project Guimarães Marca from the International Fair of Havana READ MORE
"The priority
is to
win some
new customers
and to keep
PAULO COELHO LIMA Administrador da Lameirinho
Susana Costa loves cycling to the bakery but hates moustaches Marigold The marketing manager of Lectra Portugal, Susana Costa, is also a fan of long Sunday diners, tanned skin and of the movie Love Actually, but if you want to see her cross just talk about petty politics, folding socks or chopping onion and garlic READ MORE
is the country
in Europe
with the best textiles.
The Italians
are very good,
but we are better"
GABRIELA MELO Somelos Creative and Design Director
Ana Campos e Maria Gaudêncio
win PFN new talents award
Contest The two young stylists were voted by the jury in Category I, for young people with less than two years of training, and Category II, for students with more than two years of training, and both stood out by the skill with which they worked the fabrics supplied READ MORE
"Through the clothes
they wear, people look
for an identity.
Right now that identity
is coming from sport,
an influence used in concerts,
by the DJ’s and boys
who dress in a sporty way"
MIHI, THE BRAND FOR MASTECTOMIZED WOMEN Swimwear Bikinis and swimsuits that fuse a beach style with the need of comfort of women who have gone through a mastectomy: this is Mihi, the brainchild of the Portuguese designer Rute Vieira that wants to be “Breast Cancer Friendly” READ MORE
Coimbra researcher wears electroencephalograms Health The researcher Manuel Reis Carneiro has developed an electronic textile wearable device, low-cost and reusable that enables to perform electroencephalograms in a way that is much more comfortable, and for much longer periods of time READ MORE
PORTUGAL SCORES POINTS AT NEONYT Trade Shows Increasingly innovative and environmentally responsible, the Made in Portugal fashion scored points at Neonyt Berlin READ MORE
FAMILITEX'S FUTURE IS GREEN Added Value The sustainable, technical and sports segments are the areas where Familitex is strategically investing READ MORE
FROM PORTUGAL ON 100 FAIRS 2020 In 2020, the From Portugal project will take the Portuguese textile industry to the four corners of the globe READ MORE
SEDACOR IS ON AIT’S TRENDLIST MAGAZINE The goal was to select all kinds of innovative products, appealing to architects and interior designers READ MORE
800800 pieces (bedspreads, quilts, blankets and sleeping bags) are Giestal's daily installed capacity, which in 2018 had a turnover of around 2.5 million euros
FARDYLOR: SWISS RULE ON EXPORTS SWITZERLAND Fardylor has found in the Portuguese community in Switzerland its main niche market READ MORE
ERT AND THE VEHICLE OF 2035 Innovation Since the auto industry runs through long cycles, ERT is already delineating its strategy for 2035 READ MORE
THE KING OF SUSTAINABILITY HEIMTEXTIL Making sustainability their standard-bearer, Portugal won the attention of the international community READ MORE
PAULA BORGES’ ONLINE BRAND EVER 4 EVER The company Paula Borges has created the brand Ever 4 Ever exclusively for the online market READ MORE
NÜWA RESORTS TO CROWDFUNDING Expansion Nüwa, from Confeções Calvi, started a crowdfunding project at Indiegogo to extend their sales into Germany READ MORE
Sustainability to dazzle Heimtextil Trade Shows More than 50 Portuguese companies and three special forums to celebrate Heimtextil 50th birthday READ MORE
Portugal is a hit in Europe Factories A paradigm shift from price to quality placed Portuguese factories in the position of seducing Europe READ MORE
CM Socks' eyes on North America Expansion CM Socks has gone all-out to conquer North America, with the Prevent Sprain socks as the flaghip product READ MORE
Socorte is turning vertical Accessories Forty years on and three generations later, the scope of the company founded on 1979 is widening substantially READ MORE
XIOMARA DESIGNS FOR SPRINGKODE Exclusive Katty Xiomara has developed a capsule collection made of eco-friendly garments for Springkode READ MORE
ONLY CLEAN ENERGY BY 2020 sustainability ATP's President wants Textiles to be “the first transforming sector” that relies exclusively on clean energy READ MORE
PONTO POR PONTO WANTS FRANCE Kid's clothing Ponto por Ponto is working on an order for the British brand Little Darlings, and wants to enter the French market READ MORE
FARFETCH enters 2nd hand fashion E-commerce The Luso-British luxury fashion platform joined efforts with the second-hand clothing website Thrift+ READ MORE