April 03 20



Clothius, which has registered an emphatic growth in the last three years, renewed its machinery and reinforced its manpower while producing sportswear for both national and internationally renowned brands, will now launch its own brand exclusively for online sales.

In late 2017, Jorge Vale left Impetus to embrace a new project: Clothius. The factory, in Barcelos, began its activity with five people, 22 seamless machines and a specific dyeing unit, an investment quoted in 4.9 million euro. Last year, however, he had to invest another 600 thousand to purchase five more machines due to an increase in orders. Right now, Clothius employs 65 people and is capable of producing five thousand garments a day.

Giorgio Armani, Falke or Karl Lagerfeld and the Portuguese Prozis are some of the brands that hire Clothius to produce the leggings and sports tops that they sell all around the world. A world that is none other than Clothius’ range of action, exporting 95% of its production, mostly to the UK, Germany, Italy and the Nordic countries. The USA is in line for 2020.

The launch of their own brand for online sales it’s coming soon, with German and British digital influencers in charge of promotion. The company expects that this brand alone will ensure two million euro in sales in 2020, in a total of seven million that Clothius predicts for this year.