August 07 20



The result was already expected by Adalberto, but the confirmation came from the Portuguese Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM), which attested that the MOxAd-Tech mask neutralizes the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, responsible for the Covid-19 disease. The mask was the result of a cooperation project that brought together Adalberto Estampados and Sonae, on the industrial side, and CITEVE, the Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Universities of Lisbon and Minho, on the research side.

“The mask has an innovative coating that neutralizes the virus when it comes in contact with the fabric, an effect that remains even after 50 washing cycles”, announced the manufacturers.

Tests on the MOxAdtech mask revealed an effective inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 even after 50 washes, and a viral reduction of 99% after one hour of contact with the virus, according to the parameters of the ISO18184:2019 international standard.

An outstanding performance that is already being talked about internationally. Based on a note from the EFE news agency, the influential Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported the novelty, explaining that “although for now they are only available in MO brand stores, these masks will be available for the entire European Union”, and that “the project was opened to the community so that other brands in Portugal and abroad can distribute them”.

According to Adalberto CEO Susana Serrano, MOxAd-Tech has had a daily production capacity of 15 thousand units, but with the company’s installed capacity it can go up to 100 thousand masks per day.