November 20 20



The installation of 2150 photovoltaic panels is probably the greatest measure of the sustainability investment package that Estamparia Adalberto has underway, one of the aspects of its new strategy based on three principles: sustainability, social responsibility and innovation.

The energy generated by the photovoltaic panels will feed the entire plant, as well as the wastewater treatment plant, meeting about 40% of the company’s energy needs.

Adalberto’s new strategic plan was based on the vision that shareholders have for the future of the company and implies a global investment close to two million euros.

The bet on sustainability also includes a policy of zero discharges, the adoption of sustainable stamping techniques, and the renewal of the company’s car fleet, which will become entirely electrical.

“We are making agreements with yarn companies in order to reuse our waste, converting it into new raw materials. By taking advantage of the waste, we are not only protecting the planet, but we are also optimizing our revenue”, explains Susana Serrrano (photo), CEO of Estamparia Adalberto.

There is also an ongoing project to recirculate all the water used in production – with an innovative technical solution yet to be developed and tested internally – and another, named No Paper, which wants to fully digitize all the company’s operations within a maximum period of three years.