April 09 20
Children's clothing



The We Go Together signature, so far the motto of the Portuguese brand of children’s clothing Zippy, was changed to give way to We Stay Home Together that now accompanies the brand. “We have altered, temporarily, our logo. This is an homage to the resilience of Portuguese families, to that joint effort. Now, Zippy is staying home”, explains the brand in a press release.

This new motto, which also stands as a movement that features several practical advices on Zippy’s website, such as teaching how to wash hands properly, how to make a picnic or a treasure hunt at home, was devised, according to the brand, at a time when “our homes have turned into schools, playgrounds and parks, offices and factories”.

“Our new image reflects the current circumstances of Zippy, our collaborators, parents and children”, adds the brand, which believes that this time spent at home may also be beneficial for families. “Through dialogue, sharing, and exchanging ideas, we learn and enrich ourselves”, they conclude.