May 15 20



The yarn used to develop NÜWA products is made from textile surpluses (leftover fabric from cutting) and recycled plastic bottles, thus saving the water usually required to produce cotton.

“A conventional cotton T-shirt requires approximately 2.700 litres of water to make. Since we only use recycled cotton we are able to save 1.600 litres”, explains Catarina Lopes, the brand’s manager.

With a strong connection to the water, NÜWA was born in 2019 with the aim of making clothes that honour the planet. “Our main purpose is, in fact, change the world, drop by drop”, Catarina adds.

Sustainable recycled cardboard packaging, ecologic digital printing, 100% biodegradable printing dye and 100% recycled threads are some remaining characteristics of the brand.

With an online store since September, 1% of sales revenue is earmarked for communities in Mozambique with no access to drinking water. NÜWA’s mission is to support Goal 6 (SDG6) of the United Nations, which aims at universal access to drinking water and basic sanitation by 2030.

“Besides not spending water in obtaining cotton, we will contribute for the development of water abstraction systems and sanitation in the disadvantaged communities of Mozambique”, states Catarina Lopes.

NÜWA was created by Catarina Lopes within Confeções Calvi, her family’s vertical company, in order to endow Calvi’s production with added value. The company employs 130 workers and the entire production is sold abroad, mostly in Spain.