May 29 20



The workwear manufacturer Unifardas has just created two distinct brands with which aims to split the different services it provides within professional clothing. Unifardas Healthcare, is dedicated to supplying Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Unifardas Custom Made provides the whole professional clothing customization service.

“Unifardas, as a workwear manufacturer, has the goal of humanizing the work uniform. Humanizing a brand is mostly about bringing it closer to the human being, with all its feelings, desires and expectations. Very often we see caring qualities, like affection and sympathy, associated with people, but they could very well be associated with brands”, explains the brand in a press release, underscoring the values behind the brand’s newest strategy.

With the new brand structure, Unifardas Healthcare is providing the collection of reusable PPE, such as sleeves, boot covers, face covers and scrubs, but also reusable surgical gowns. All the products of this segment are certified by CITEVE and validated by Infarmed.

On the other hand, the Custom Made line is dedicated to developing unique and personalized projects down to the finest detail, from the choice of fabric, colours and finishing, but also to the choice of any other element that the customer wishes to see added to the garments.