March 05 21

António Moreira Gonçalves


Unifardas created a multifunctional jumpsuit, which, due to its design, can be transformed into a pair of overalls or an apron, adapting to different jobs within the restaurant area. In addition to replacing several clothing articles, reducing consumption, the jumpsuit is made from sustainable raw materials.

The project is a result of a challenge set by CITEVE. “We were challenged by CITEVE to design a product for the Green Circle showcase. The forum had fashion and sportswear items, but workwear was still missing”, says Rui Araújo, Chief Operation Officer at Unifardas, a company that specializes in workwear for sectors such as industry, health, catering, or education.

The answer to the challenge was a jumpsuit, with a reversible design: the trousers remain, but the top can change into overalls or an apron. “It is a single piece that adapts to various situations. For customers, it reduces the clothing purchase cost since it is a piece of clothing that adapts to various restaurant areas: the kitchen, customer service, etc.”, explains the head of the company.

In addition to versatility, the coordinate is also produced from sustainable materials: it’s made with Ecogreen, a fabric that combines 35% Lyocell (wood fibres of sustainable origin) and 65% recycled polyester (obtained from plastic bottles).