February 15 19


Sustainability, quality and innovation are the keys to success

In Paris, the 50 Portuguese companies present at Première Vision got the most important validation of all: that the sustainability, quality and innovation route they’re currently following is the recipe for success and it will keep the industry on the route to success.

“We noticed that the most reputed brands are abandoning what is average and only focus on what is good. And we are going with that flow, “explains João Mendes, responsible for A. Sampaio & Filhos, a company that has recently won 11 awards at ISPO Munich and makes innovation their top priority.

“There’s an increasing demand for recycled and organic cotton products, which is a good sign. It means that more and more people are convinced that it is necessary to do something for the planet’s sustainability, “added Mario Jorge Machado, Adalberto Estampados’ CEO, which in Paris presented some functional finishes that control body moisture and a line of fabrics which are able to maintain themselves fresh throughout the day.

And since we’re talking about innovation, we cannot forget Lipaco, which made the French “gilets jaunes” ever more shiny thanks to their new glass thread.

A new capsule collection, made in partnership with Tearfil (yarns) and Becri (manufacturing), was one of the many novelties that filled up Tintex’s stand with customers at Première Vision.
This collection is also made using the ColorZen technology, which through the cationization of cotton fibres allows a more precise dyeing. In this procedure, no salt whatsoever is used and the use of water and chemical is much smaller, even because the dyeing process time is reduced.

Fabrics made from a blend of flax and modal were the latest addition to Fitecom’s Spring/Summer collection, which also includes the most usual blends of wool or flax with polyester.
“With this blend, we were able to maintain a very summery feel and touch – provided by flax – and combine it with wool, which is more structured, a backbone. The result is amazing,” explains João Carvalho, Fitecom’s CEO and founder, which leaves Première Vision very pleased. “On average, we had 60 to 70 customers per day”.

“We had fewer visitors, but those who showed up knew what they wanted,” says Abel Barbosa, Soeiro’s CEO, a company that is now betting on high-end products. “We haven’t worked for Zara for over ten years now. Mango and Benetton either. We used to work in the medium and high segment. Now we want to focus only on high segments,” he adds.

The sports jersey distinguished at the ISPO Textrends contest was one of the favourites at the NGS stand. “It has 15% Lycra, a glossy finishing suitable for sports pants, antibacterial function and great elasticity,” says Nuno Cunha Silva, CEO of this knitwear company.