September 25 20



A new name and logo for a new market segment: Inarbel is introducing the Skylab brand, a strong bet on the health sector. During the pandemic, the company started to manufacture protective equipment, having invested 400 thousand euros in a new production line, and is now focused on stepping forward in this market segment.

“We are ready, and we have already shown that we know how to make everything that hospitals need, such as surgical gowns, boot covers, coveralls, trousers and other similar products”, explains José Armindo Ferraz, CEO of the Inarbel group, which is already introducing Skylab to a group of selected customers – mainly hospitals and clinics – while a new online platform is being developed.

During the pandemic, the company – which also owns the children’s fashion brands A&J and Dr. Kid – reacted to the orders’ breakdown by producing personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals. With a team of 240 workers, Inarbel maintained an almost uninterrupted activity, producing between 60 and 70 thousand surgical gowns per week. More than 90% of this production was exported to Spain and France.

With this new unit, Inarbel will be mainly focused on 100% cotton clothing, already certified by CITEVE for various washing cycles. “The reusable pieces give great advantages: by replacing the disposable ones, they are better for the environment”, states José Armindo Ferraz.