December 04 20



Created in 2012 with a focus on private label, Givachoice is determined to move towards international fairs. The debut at MODTISSIMO, which took place at the end of September, was seen as a test for the company that sees itself as a women’s fashion manufacture in the medium-high segment.

“MODTISSIMO was our pilot test regarding our participation in international fairs” reveals Ricardo Almeida, administrator of the Portuguese company, which already works with several European, Australian and North American brands.

“So far we have been working on a case-by-case basis, with word of mouth being our best ally. However, we feel that the time has come to participate in international fairs and, of course, we had to start at home to understand what the market wants and how we can improve ”, says Ricardo Almeida.

The participation in MODTISSIMO took place, according to the Givachoice administrator, “without any expectations because it was our debut”, but the company was visited by several potential customers, representing international brands.