October 09 20



The German Innovation Awards distinguished RDD’s Tencel Padding with a special award on the Materials and Surfaces category. A very special recognition since it doesn’t work on applications: the products and materials are selected by the organization itself. The innovative product developed by the Valérius group R&D company presents an exclusive solution that uses artificial and ecologically responsible botanical fibres.

The German Innovation Awards highlights precisely the exclusivity, breathability, comfort and innovative character of the product, which uses sustainable artificial botanical fibres – 100% Tencel ™ – and jersey fabric produced with textile scraps of the Valérius group, to which RDD belongs.

“Tencel Padding is really innovative since what exists in the market as filling is essentially synthetic fibres”, summarizes Elsa Parente, RDD’s CEO and Business Development Manager, adding that this product brought nothing but good surprises.

“It started last February with the High Tech Award at the Munich Fabric Start. Then, in December, we received notification that it had been nominated for the German Innovation Awards, and we were asked to send the product. In February, came the award”, tells Elsa Parente.

“We have a new collection of knitwear already made with this padding, and it is also being used in collections for well-known international brands from countries like Italy, Germany or Sweden”, stated the CEO.