July 17 20



Fradelsport, which started making protective equipment when the first signs of the Covid-19 pandemic were felt in Portugal, was the first company from Famalicão to obtain CITEVE’s certification for reusable social masks, never even considered furloughing its employees, and thanks to the return of the sports competitions, is starting to export sporting goods again.

“Fradelsport was the first company in Famalicão to certify a mask, appearing at the forefront of the textile community response in terms of public health”, said the Mayor of Famalicão, Paulo Cunha, during a visit to the company.

Specializing in textile sublimation for sportswear, Fradelsport has 60 workers and furloughing was never even considered. The administrator, Paulo Reis, affirms that the mask business, namely with exports to France and Germany, has helped maintain the turnover achieved in 2019. However, the demand of sports clothing, after four months of residual sales due to the stop of the multiple sports competitions across Europe, is slowly picking up.

Fradelsport represents sports brands such as Macron, Adidas, Lotto, Nike, Umbro, Mikasa, among others. “Exports to Italy and Spain are now allowing us to produce sports goods again,” said Paulo Reis.