September 25 20



Times are uncertain, but in the fashion world you can’t stop innovating. “We are a company working in the fashion sector, so innovation is constant. We are currently finishing the autumn/winter collection for 2021/2022, and we are going to start presenting it right away, in digital format”, said João Carvalho, Fitecom CEO.

According to the entrepreneur, times are difficult, both for the companies and clients. However, it is necessary to keep in touch. “The moment we are living is full of uncertainty and challenges. Fitecom is a company specialized in the manufacture of woollen fabrics and blends, for the manufacture of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. It exports about 97% of its production to approximately 500 customers spread across the globe, with whom is now communicating via digital format. The market is at a standstill. Consequently, orders are scarce and since fabric is a fashion product, it is not possible to manufacture it for stock”, explained the businessman.

“We don’t know how to deal with this crisis, if we can call it that. Our product, destined for fashion clothing, depends directly on the consumer’s appetite. Bearing in mind that we are living in confinement and reducing our social relationships, I think that what remains for us is to wait for better times”, he summarized.