November 22 19


Familitex invests eight million on dyeing and finishes

Familitex is investing a total of eight million euro on dyeing and equipment, starting with the purchase of Luís Simões – meanwhile rechristened Familitex Tinturaria –, a process that should be completed by the end of next year.

“The plan is to make products with high added value. We make the knitting and the finishes. Having, simultaneously, the dyeing and finishing sections enables us to increase our direct exports. This way, we are no longer dependent on others to meet deadlines, ending the problems with our customers”, explains Afonso Barbosa (in the photo), 48, Familitex CEO.

“Our focus is on quality and service, not quantity. We are reducing the capacity from 25 tonnes to 12 or 15 tonnes a day. The strategy is centred on smaller quantities and very high quality, in order to conquer another type of client, one that might provide us with better margins”, sums up Afonso Barbosa, who founded the company 20 years ago alongside his cousin José Manuel Mota – hence the name, Familitex.

Based in Tamel, Barcelos, and specialized in knitting (its 98 looms are able to make all sorts of circular knits), Familitex Tecelagem employs 90 workers and should close this year with a turnover of 24 million euro, of which approximately 30% is from direct exports.