December 13 19


ERT upcycles shoe shavings

ERT presented a few prototypes of its the new composite materials that while marking another step forward in their innovation strategy, might represent a giant leap for the industry. New solutions for the automotive industry, architecture and construction, defence and protection are proposed, using EVA residue.

An upcycling process is under development, in cooperation with Fibrenamics, from the Universidade do Minho, in the scope of the GradiERT project, based on reusing EVA residue and waste from the shoemaking and automotive industries. And the planet appreciates it since it will replace structures that until now were made from plastic chemicals.

“EVA is the name given to products made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate, a by-product of shoe soles making. The shavings from cutting those soles would normally end up being burned or on a pile in some landfill”, explains the ERT director for Innovation and Marketing, Fernando Merino (photo).

In a presentation session, which happened at the Oliva Creative Factory in São João da Madeira, were showcased prototypes for a car armrest, a stuffing pillow for protective helmets, and composite pieces for interior lining.

For the ‘padding’, the industrial designation of cushioned materials for helmet filling, identical upcycling material was presented. It is used to sustain impacts, be it from bullets (in the area of Defense), falls or objects, especially in the cases of motorcyclists or firefighters, and the results prove its efficacy.