March 20 20



Within the “Mademoiselle Dior” dresses is hidden the know-how of the Portuguese company Givachoice. This luxury dolls, numbered, sold for hundreds of euros and directed only to the most faithful customers, were created by the haute-couture French brand to accompany its supply of children’s fashion. In the meantime, they have all sold out.

“Only crazy people like us would ever go forth with such a project”, discloses Conceição Barbosa, founder and production manager of Givachoice (in the picture, holding one of the dolls). Specialized in manufacturing women’s clothing, the textile company also makes collections for Baby Dior. An experiment that led to the unexpected invitation.

“They talked about making dresses for the dolls, and since we’re not inclined to saying ‘no’, we took the challenge. But it is incredibly hard work”, explains the director of the company. Presented by the French brand as authentic luxury objects, the “Mademoiselle Dior” required extended minuteness on the account of its reduced scale.

“We had to do everything as if it was a baby’s dress: to model, to cut, making the lining, everything. Even the underwear”, highlights Conceição Barbosa. The project included several models, inspired by numerous children’s fashion collections of the French brand.

Currently sold out on Dior’s website, “Mademoiselle Dior” is sold by the brand for €700 each.