December 18 20



After the customized social masks, the young designer Catarina Leal Barreto is now making her debut in fashion, with a collection of clothing for women that are “tough, feminine and looking for unique pieces”. The traditional Viana do Castelo’s handkerchief is the biggest inspiration, with embroidery present in all the pieces in the collection, which unites traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

The pandemic led the young fashion designer to debut in fashion through social masks, but Catarina Barreto did not forget her initial plan, and now launches her Spring-Summer 2021 collection. “The embroidery, which was part of the masks, is the same, decorating the garments with inspirational sentences, and standing as a symbol of the Portuguese tradition”, she explains. The collection includes jackets, pants and blouses, each with unique embroidery.

All the pieces are made in Portugal – by the seamstress Helena Gomes and embroidered by the Linarte studio – and Catarina Barreto is betting on traceability as one of the brand’s main features, hand in hand with sustainability and fair trade.

The result is a set of pieces that the designer describes as “bold, feminine and unique”, available for purchase on the designer’s online platform.