October 31 19
ITMF Convention


Verticalization, flexibility and big data are the priorities

Verticalization, production flexibility and bid data analysis are the top priorities of the textile entrepreneurs. This is the main conclusion of an inquiry made to approximately 110 participants of the World Café&Nata session at the ITMF Convention.

As expected, sustainability and automation also come up as essentials for maximizing revenue, followed by flexibility, which is currently one of the key concepts.

“The matter of production flexibility is very important for Europeans and less so for Asians, the most numerous groups at the convention. Which means that, in Asia, the business development strategy is focused on big productions, while Europeans are mostly concerned about flexibility”, explained Braz Costa, CITEVE general manager and the moderator of the session.

“The technological development, be it in processes or materials, is another big concern for entrepreneurs”, reveals Braz Costa, adding that “sustainability and digitalization are a part of everybody’s concerns: they are mandatory”.

The geopolitical developments, the energy prices and the lack of qualified labour – an issue at the heart of the Portuguese context, whose resolution is vital for the development of Portugal’s Textile and Clothing Industry – are also on the list of the entrepreneurs’ main concerns.