July 19 19


Twintex invests 2.6 million euro on new layout

Twintex has invested 2.6 million euro on a profound remake of its layout, which shall be fully operational in October and will increase the installed capacity by one third.

“We felt some entropies and losses of efficiency inherent to the way our processes were organized”, explains Mico Mineiro (in the photo), Twintex’s administrator and the youngest of the two children of António Mineiro, 74, founder and president of this manufacturing group based in Fundão.

The first phase of this reorganization was concluded on the past 27th of March (the day Mico turned 39) with the inauguration, in Vales do Rio (Fundão), of the Twintex Logistics Centre, composed of six entry decks and an area of over four thousand m2, where all the cutting operations are now located, as well as a warehouse for fabrics and accessories, offices and a fully dynamic warehouse for hanging textiles.

The investment reinforced the cutting area, which now counts five cutting tables (an addition of three), four fabric stretching carts (two more) and three cutting machines (two more). “With this reorganization we have doubled the space available for production, raised the levels of comfort and efficicency. We have high hopes that this investment boosts productivity and quality in a very significant way”, states Mico Mineiro, which joined his father and brother Bruno in the management of Twintex after having graduated Auto Engineering in England.

Concentrating the cutting section in Vales do Rio has freed the space in their factory in Aldeia de Joanes (Fundão), enabling the set-up of the women’s dress and jacket line of its subsidiary MK.

From October onwards the Twintex factory at Aldeia de Joanes will be running at full steam, in its six thousand m2 of covered area and five production lines: the aforementioned MK, plus two lines of jackets, one line of trousers and skirts.