May 29 20



The Portuguese T-shirt brand Thidols has just released the “Thank You” collection, to commend the work of those fighting against Covid-19, from health professionals, retail workers, scientists and world leaders that make tough decisions every day.

The T-shirts are available in two different designs – the white T-shirt containing pictures, and the black only text – and each has the cost of €24.90, while the promotional two T-shirt pack is available for just €44.90.

And you don’t even have to choose among the selection highlighted by the brand: with the “My Thank You” option, you can customize your own T-shirt with the picture of somebody special, such as a relative currently fighting the disease or of a friend working as a doctor on the frontline of the battle.

Made according to sustainable and fair trade norms, all the T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, from Portuguese suppliers, and printed with water-based dye without chemical products, certified by PETA.

20% of the collection’s revenue will be donated to the International Red Cross, one of the global institutions fighting the pandemic, and set on providing every healthcare unit in the world with soap, gloves, goggles, robes and thermometers, among other material.