June 26 20

António Moreira Gonçalves


Protection and design are the two pillars of Tiva’s strategy to approach the newly formed market of protective masks. Used to working under a private label regime for big collections, the knitting company adapted its assembly lines for mask production in small quantities and different models, colours and patterns. It even made an online store for this product.

“Our main priority is to develop personal protection equipment that is efficient. More than well-dressed, right now we need to be protected”, shares Joana Gomes, the company’s Commercial Account Manager. Meanwhile, Tiva didn’t just certify the masks – several models have been approved by CITEVE for 5 to 10 washing cycles –: it created a vast gallery with fashion proposals.

The catalogue that includes more than 10 colours and patterns is available through the Tivamasks platform, which the company made exclusively for this market. “The opening of the online channel is a response to those who wish to buy smaller amounts. We wanted to adapt in order to reach the entire population”, discloses the company’s representative.

Usually selling to external markets – France, Italy, Belgium, USA and the Netherlands absorb the greater part of its production – Tiva regards masks production as another opportunity to broaden the company’s client portfolio. “We are aware that the entire sector needs to reinvent itself during this unexpected and complex phase. This might be an opportunity for a business with a future”, predicts Joana Gomes.