June 05 20



As it completes one year of existence, Misses White is already thinking about internationalization. Having excelled in the Portuguese market, the women’s fashion brand is now aiming to soar to Madrid and Paris. The need to find “alternative simple garments” led Renata Henriques to create Misses White.

“The brand kicked off with white shirts and, in the meantime and by popular demand, we broadened the collection to the entire universe of women’s fashion”, shares the designer and mentor of Misses White.

The brand became so widely acclaimed in Portugal that the managing partners Renata Henriques and Vanessa Cardoso – who meanwhile joined the project – are already planning on participating in international trade fairs. “We are considering the MOMAD in Madrid and Who’s Next in Paris, to promote our brand abroad”, discloses Renata.

Although internationalization is a flight about to take off, the mentor of Misses White doesn’t shy away from the challenges raised in terms of production strategy. “Our brand is 100% made in Portugal and painstakingly devoted to detail. Our collars and other accessories, for example, are entirely handmade. Shirts also demand a great level of detail. Therefore, we are studying the best way to industrialize while maintaining the brand’s principles”, she confesses. “Our garments are not meant to be worn for a single season since white has the advantage of never going out of fashion”, concludes Renata Henriques.