February 19 21



Car seats with biometric sensing, thermally regulated mattresses, or technical clothing for activities as distinct as surfing in extreme conditions or prickly pear harvesting. TexBoost presented the final results of three and a half years of research and development, in an unprecedented project, which brought together 28 companies and 15 research centres. A showcase of the future, with more than 70 new products, technologies and concepts that highlight the technological potential of the textile sector, which can amount 100 million euros in exports alone.

Over three and a half years – about 400 thousand hours of specialized work, gathering around 237 technicians – TexBoost developed 30 new materials, 13 new production processes, four new tools and technologies, three new textile structures, four junction systems, and 17 final products, in addition to triggering a series of scientific articles. Besides, eight patent applications have already been made, with another three now being processed.

The innovations presented cover the entire textile sector, from high-performance yarns to technical clothing, for areas such as health, workwear or high-performance sports. In addition to the textile and clothing industry, TexBoost also takes innovations to other sectors, such as moulds, cork or leather.

With a base investment of 9.2 million euros (70% co-financed), TexBoost expects to induce a growth of around 25% in the sales of the companies involved, which could translate in around 100 million euros in exports only.