October 25 19


Tabel breaks ground with acid and flocking

Digital prints with acid and flocking are two of the strongest novelties that Tabel is presenting its clients, in the follow-up of a six-million-euro investment on equipment and facilities, which enabled the company to renovate its machinery and triple the productive capacity.

“Our bet is on differentiation”, says Albino Moura, Tabel’s commercial representative, adding that the company is the only one in Portugal making digital prints with acids (a product particularly suitable for bathing suits and sports clothing) and flocking.

Differentiation, quality, speed and energy cost reduction are the four pillars of Tabel’s strategy to stay competitive in an increasingly demanding economic environment since the market is dropping and the company significantly increased its installed capacity.

Based in Moreira de Cónegos, the Tabel group employs around 150 workers and produces for two market segments – fashion and home textiles.

Providing a service of conventional, digital or by the piece printing, Tabel, founded in 1988 and still led by Humberto Salgado, started in 2017 an effort to increase sales for the external market. Right now, direct exports already account for 40% of the ten million euro in sales each year.