April 30 20



Smart Inovation, a company directed towards the development of nanotechnology solutions, aims to boost its market presence by refurbishing one of its main products, the SI Bactericidal, which it’s now called SI Bac-Pure.

The name SI Bac-Pure, besides conveying more clearly the main attributes of the product – purity, hygiene, decontamination and odour neutralization – is also a way to redirect the product towards a more sophisticated segment. Technical textiles, namely sportswear, medicalwear and workwear, are its main targets.

SI Bac-Pure is effective against bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odours and comes in the form of a liquid that may be applied via filling, drenching, brush roller or spraying. It’s compatible with several textile finishings, and may be applied to both synthetic and natural fibres.

The company’s technology is patented in over 147 countries and consists of a matrix of nanoparticles that enables the transport of active substances to textile materials. As opposed to microcapsules, the system is not affected by temperature, friction, UV exposure nor other factors, providing durability, high-performance and wash-resistant traits – it can withstand more than 100 washing cycles and is sustainable (it contains no silver or heavy metals).