September 11 20



At a time when the machine manufactured by S. Roque begins to be installed in Portuguese companies, Apineq, a Portuguese company that works with engineering and industrial automation, also announced that it has developed a 100% Portuguese surgical mask production machine. The company is already exporting it.

“Modular in configuration and easy to install, the surgical mask production line (with adult measures) offers the ability to produce, in a fully automatic way, sterilized masks, individually wrapped in plastic or packaged in batches of 50, in a box card ”, says Apineq about the new machine.

Apineq also clarifies that “this equipment has a production capacity 120 masks per minute and complies with all European safety certifications”. According to the same note, the first prototype was ready in May, and the company already sold a machine to Spain and another to Angola.

As for ROQMASK, the machine designed by S. Roque, whose production T announced in May, is already being installed in three Portuguese garment factories. One is a new company, which saw a business opportunity in the protective equipment sector.

With the ability to produce two masks every second, the S. Roque machine is completely automated and can operate non-stop.