January 03 20


Portuguese factories are a hit in Europe

“With an increasingly competitive market and demanding consumers, price is no longer the only added value with which companies strive for competitiveness”. A paradigm shift that has, once again, placed Portuguese factories in the position of seducing Europe, says the specialized magazine Trade Sport.

“In the continuous process of offshoring, paradoxically started by the crisis, the Spanish brands that don’t have a factory of their own (or, in reality, don’t produce 100% of what they sell) find a perfect ally in Portugal. Especially in textiles”, refers the magazine.

“Offshoring to Portugal was easier because, despite the crisis, the country’s textile industry kept its structure, and was able to adapt to the new demand for short collections with a high added value. Thus, it’s no wonder that the Portuguese clothing industry’s main clients are luxury brands, sports labels and European distribution groups that search for speed and proximity”.

The Portuguese production “has turned into a service provider, integrating the whole value chain and providing a speedy response to their clients. From design approval to distribution, many Portuguese companies can attend to an order within a 15-day period. Asia is still the perfect choice for big volumes, but for those looking to work with stocks, demand turnover and quick response, Portuguese companies may become a preferred partner”, concludes Trade Sport.