October 31 19
ITMF Convention


Pacanelli: “The Portuguese formula is very competitive”

The Portuguese textile industry is very well positioned and has a very competitive formula that enables good growth perspectives. The compliment comes from the president of Euratex, the most important textile confederation in Europe, during an interview for the newspaper Expresso, in the context of his intervention at the ITMF Convention, which gathered in Porto more than 350 entrepreneurs from all over the world.

“In my view, Portuguese textiles have a great opportunity for growth in the near future. They have a very competitive formula”, announced Alberto Paccanelli. According to the Euratex president, our Textile and Clothing industry “is very well positioned because over the past few years it was able to reorganize and restructure itself. It understood how to provide quality and service to international clients, while keeping competitive prices when compared to other European countries”.

In European terms, Paccanelli understands that “turning textiles sexier” is vital because the sector must be able to attract knowledge, modernity and flexibility, requiring, therefore, youth.

The president of Euratex surprised everyone for not focusing his concerns for Brexit – “it will be a smooth transition” – but rather in Turkey, for the social impact it might have, but also noting that this crisis could be an opportunity for Portugal.

Setting the challenges for the European sector, Alberto Paccanelli announced that “we are at a very specific moment of transformation. Technology will strongly affect and radically change the way we do things. Companies should have the means, strength and commitment to invest”.