May 29 20
Raw Materials

António Moreira Gonçalves


Yarn that blends different colours is Trifitrofa’s most recent bet to enhance their presence in the fashion and clothing industry. It goes by the name Mouline, and the company is preparing a complete catalogue for their clients, which will have the possibility to solicit different colour variations.

“The invention is not new, but it is an unusual yarn, not often seen in other companies, and that provides vast possibilities”, reveals Ricardo Pinheiro, while João Lima, both representatives of the company’s export department, underlines that “clients like it a lot because it is customizable, and enables maximum creativity”.

With this new product, the Trofa-based company – which describes itself as “the largest dyed yarn warehouse in the world” – diversifies its vast portfolio even further. For now the novelty has only been introduced with a few demonstrative cones, but the next step is to create a complete colour blend catalogue, and run it through the company’s more than 500 usual customers.

Sustainable fibres are another cornerstone for Trifitrofa, in line with what is being done by several players in the Portuguese textile and clothing industry. “We noted a higher demand for these items, such as organic cotton yarn. We have been working on this field for a while, we are already GOTS, BCI and Oeko-Tex certified”, explains Ricardo Pinheiro.