June 12 20



More than half of the Portuguese companies wish to roll out, partially or totally, the investments planned for the current year, before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the study promoted by CIP – Confederação Empresarial de Portugal – and by the Marketing FutureCast Lab at ISCTE. Before the health crisis, four in five companies planned to invest in 2020, namely in productive capacity and facilities.

The inquiry made near Portuguese companies about their investment prospects and capitalization needs also concludes that, however, more than half of companies involved consider they do not have an adequate capital structure suited to the investments planned earlier this year, considering the exceptional times, being that 82.2% will resort to capitalization instruments, if they made available.

“The troubling times we are living significantly affected the companies’ development projects, but what this study tells us is that over 58% of companies that had planned investments will maintain them”, stated the president of CIP, António Saraiva.

“This shows that Portuguese companies are working to resume activity, and that they are committed to becoming the motor for economic recovery”, he says, adding that “the State needs to do their part for the recovery to become a reality”.

The data of the inquiry undertaken by CIP shows a negative evaluation of the State’s support by entrepreneurs and directors, with four in five companies believing they are lacking.