June 05 20
Home Textiles

António Moreira Gonçalves


After unveiling their new brand Cotton Care, for the wellness sector, Moretextile now takes another leap forward by launching their online store, oriented towards the health sector. For now, the platform focuses on protective masks, with several models certified by CITEVE, though soon it will also include a catalogue of home textiles for health and well-being.

Among the brand’s items may be found bedding with thermoregulatory technologies – which cool down only when the body is warm, for example – or with anti-bacterial, anti-odour or youth rejuvenation properties. There is even an item that contains CBD (cannabidiol), which ensures relaxation at bedtime and helps to fight insomnia.

Artur Soutinho even predicts that the bet on the wellness sector may be reinforced after the current crisis: “As consumers, we think of home as a space of protection and contact with the family, which will lead to a greater appreciation of products that bring comfort, health and well-being”.

Simultaneously, Moretextile has reopened its factory store, closed down since the onset of the pandemic, and besides the usual offer in bedding, bath, table and kitchen textiles, the brand is set on placing the focus on their wide array of reusable face masks, some with characteristics developed for the Cotton Care brand, such as an antimicrobial treatment.