April 09 20



Dune Bleue has just released a sock made from ocean plastics, a partnership with the Seaqual project, which recovers plastic residue from the sea and transforms them into recycled thread.

According to Ricardo Faria, CEO of the company, the innovative and sustainable sock is becoming “a sensation due to its quality”, which even led the mayor of Famalicão, Paulo Cunha, to visit the company’s facilities, in Cavalões, in the scope of the Route for Innovation programme.

This is the most recent innovation of Dune Bleue on their path to sustainability, even though Ricardo Faria recalls that “the theme was present in previous collections”, which included socks made with recycled wool and cotton.

Present in the market since 2005, Dune Bleue is dedicated to creating, developing and trading socks, and counts with the help of Portuguese partners to manufacture them.

With a business volume close to two million euro, the company registers an exporting rate close to 98% and employs nine people.

Socks for the British Royal Family, the military, hospitals and socks for work safety are some of the products it develops and that are sold around the world, both with its own brand or in partnership with other brands.

Two years ago Dune Bleue started investing in the North-American market, and after a recent trip to the United States, the new challenge is set: incorporating threads with cannabis into socks for medicinal use.