June 26 20
Sports Clothing



Deeply has just released a new collection of wetsuits, with a more innovative design and better performance. Simultaneously, the brand also launched the new Volley beach shorts manufactured with SEAQUAL® yarn, 100% made with plastics gathered from the ocean, to celebrate the World Oceans Day.

Keeping up with the technical quality, the innovative design is one of the main traits of the new suits that come in three bold lines for men (Competition, Premium and Performance) and for women (Competition, Performance and Crystal Capsule), and which were tested by their team of athletes in multiple competitions, namely on the waves of Nazaré.

The brand guarantees that the new suits will ensure a better performance, improving traits like warmth, flexibility, drying and quality of neoprene, having been developed in cooperation with Deeply’s European team of professional athletes, such as Johanne Defay (currently regarded as the best French surfer), Vasco Ribeiro (four-times Portuguese champion), Maxime Huscenot (Youth World champion), Lucia Martiño (twice Spanish champion) and Jonathan Gonzalez (World Surf League European champion).

As for the Volley shorts, they are made in Portugal and each pair equates to 10 bottles of plastic gathered from the sea, a sustainable option that takes into account aesthetics and comfort: the final result is a fabric with a touch similar to velvet, both on the outside and on the shorts’ inner coating.