February 28 20



After over 26 years operating exclusively in the internal market, the Portuguese brand Decenio feels that 2020 is the year to take its first steps towards internationalization. Spain is the preferred market and, while it is still in an experimental phase, the Portuguese brand of men’s and women’s fashion has already kick-started the project.

“We are already testing with just one agent and the reception is very good, so far”, relays Rui Maia, Decenio head of the international department. Despite its reputation of being a classic style brand, Decenio wants to prove that it also offers “functional, comfortable and fashionable collections, capable of recreating looks and trends”, suiting the needs of a younger audience, he discloses.

Under those strategic guidelines, Decenio is developing “a capsule collection fit for the Spanish market”. The decision to embrace new styles, says the Cães de Pedra group head of the international department, has kicked-off in the last trimester of 2019, when Decenio and the designer Alexandra Moura joined forces to create an unprecedented collection “that reaches new audiences and languages”.

Still lacking a final decision, Rui Maia is considering to début Decenio at an international fashion and accessories trade fair, which might just happen on Momad’s next edition, scheduled for September in Madrid, in an attempt of tuning into the market’s demands for new productions.