October 25 19


Crafil depelops waterless dyeing process

Crafil is moving up on the industrial ladder with a new thread dyeing process, entitled Waterless, which is being developed since the beginning of last year and doesn’t require water use.

“We’re moving from the lab into production. We already produced a prototype, and ran all the tests”, states Vítor Alves, 45, leader and founder of this company from Famalicão that specializes in sewing threads.

The Waterless dyeing process is just another example of Crafil’s strategy to avoid low-end products, betting on high added value and sustainable articles, such as the 100% recycled polyester sewing collection, made from PET plastic bottles.

“This is a premium product tailored for an exclusive market. We make threads that, when we started the company 15 years ago, were inconceivable. Right now, clients come to us for our innovation rather than our price”, declares Crafil’s CEO, a company dedicated to denim sewing threads, which exports about 65% of its production.

Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey and Tunisia are the main export markets, the latter being the country where Crafil has, since 2006, a company with a fully loaded warehouse and a permanent stock.

“The stock service in Tunisia is fundamental to meet the needs of our clients from Britain, France and the USA, that manufacture there. Some of the best brands in the world use Crafil threads”, explain Vítor Alves, supplier of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans and Salsa.