January 03 20
Technical Textiles

Cláudia Azevedo Lopes

CM Socks sets eyes on North America

Ever since the establishment, in early 2019, of a distribution and commercial unit in Canada, CM Socks has gone all-out to conquer North America, with the Prevent Sprain socks, which recently received the Gold Medal (Innovation Prize) in Havana’s International Fair, as their flagship product.

“This unit in Canada enables us to distribute and sell, in the North American market, the socks we produce in Portugal, especially the Prevent Sprain. Delivery deadlines are very important in our line of business and with this unit – holding a significant stock available – we are able to complete orders from the North American space in a very short time, which is a tremendous plus for us”, reveals Carlos Maia, the company’s owner.

Moreover, the benefits don’t end here. “This unit also facilitates our representation in North American trade fairs. We foresee that, in the future, this will bring us great opportunities, leading the company to a massive growth”, completes the man at the helm of CM Socks.

Canada, the USA and Mexico are the destinations in sight for CM Socks, which produces around 26 million pairs of socks each year, of which the lion share goes abroad, mostly to the European continent – roughly 98% of their business volume is due to exports.

Besides the Canadian distribution centre, the company owns two production units – one in Carreira and another one in Landim, both in Famalicão.