July 24 20



Barata Garcia was in charge of transforming thousands of scarves, originally made to support the Portuguese National soccer team, into social masks. Now, those masks will be sold as part of a solidarity campaign whose revenue will go to the Food Bank’s Emergency Network. This action is promoted by the Portuguese Football Federation, in partnership with the Portuguese Postal Service – CTT.

We are talking about an Eagle model mask, made from three layers: the outer layer is the reused scarves; the inner layer is non-woven fabric; and the inner layer, the one closest to the face, is made from organic cotton. Both raw materials, certified by CITEVE, are water repellent, avoiding droplet formation.

The masks also went through an antimicrobial coating process, which prevents and protects them against microorganisms, maintains freshness and, above all, prevents the odour caused by bacteria and fungi.

“Being linked to this project is a source of great pride, not only for the solidarity aspect, but also for the project’s environmental component. In addition, we are promoting Portuguese production, which at this stage is extremely important”, said João Barata Garcia, CEO.

Founded in 1991, Barata Garcia specializes in making men’s, women’s, children’s and baby’s clothing, in a private label regime. Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Japan, China and United States of America are some of the countries from which the company’s customers come from.