November 15 19


Aly John: Denim made to last

Clothes designed to last for years and made essentially from organic materials are Aly John’s path to reduce waste and energy consumption. The new collection of the denim clothing brand deepens the sustainability concerns that are part of its DNA and allows the optimal use of fewer natural resources.

Fashion and preservation seem at times incompatible, but Aly John is seeking to overcome the issue by investing in slow fashion, “which means rethinking consumption and being sustainable throughout the manufacturing process, acting consciously”.

It is, in short, a return to the origins. How come? “All of our clothing articles are washed in Portuguese Ecotex and Gots certified laundries, and they are all within 20 kilometers of Aly John’s facilities. There is no room for hazardous and harmful chemicals, and all orders shipped go in bags made of quality testing fabric, replacing conventional boxes”.

The new collection is produced essentially from organic materials and “made to last for years, reducing the waste of raw materials and the energy consumption that mass production demands”.

The Aly John brand was created in 1986 by Manuel Lamosa, a jeans lover. All items, which as a trademark have a sentence embroidered on the lining, are made in Guimarães, by a family team of no more than six people. The jeans can also be customized: in addition to the size, the client can also choose the leg length.