October 25 19


Albano Morgado with new dyeing sector by next summer

The Albano Morgado’s new dyeing section and laboratory, an overall investment of 1.5 million euro, should be ready by the end of 2020 first semester, according to Baltasar Lopes, CEO of the wool making company from Castanheira de Pêra.

The foundations are laid and everything is set so that by next summer a modern and green dyeing section is up and running, with automated processes and a different energy source for the boiler, which will be fed by natural gas instead of the usual naphtha, more harmful for the environment.

“We benefit from this, the clients too, since we reduce expenses by producing cheaply, and so does the environment”, sums up Baltasar Lopes, highlighting yet another aspect of the company’s green strategy.

Albano Morgado is betting on a fabric line entitled Eco-life, made from 100% Portuguese virgin wool fibres with no chemicals added in the making process. “We not only recycle all the waste from the spinning, weaving and finishing, but also the waste from some of our clients’ manufacturers. We separate, shred and make new fibres”, ensures Baltasar Lopes.

“Environmental concerns aren’t new to us. Since this company was established, in 1927, we use our waste to make recycled wool fibres”, added the Albano Morgado CEO.