May 29 20

Photo: Jornal Terras da Beira


After closing down for a month, the company Mey Têxteis has resumed activity and the production of reusable and surgical face masks is now the factory’s biggest priority. Based in Celorico da Beira, in the district of Guarda, Mey Têxteis offered 230 reusable masks to the local council, to be distributed among local officials, and is contemplating further donations.

The goal is to make and provide masks to every entity in the city on the frontline in the fight against the Covid-19. The manufacturing company employees 235 workers, which are now gradually returning to work.

Founded 30 years ago, Mey Têxteis has suspended production for a month on March 23rd, due to the pandemic, and furloughed its workers. The factory restarted labour with only a few employees in order to make «not only reusable masks, but also surgical masks destined to health professionals», communicated the Celorico city council.

The aim is to “gradually” restart the normal functions of the company, which employs more than 235 workers and is the city’s biggest employer. In 1990, Mey Têxteis settled in the industrial park of Celorico da Beira Gare, and now employs mostly women, originally from this city and bordering towns such as Fornos de Algodres, Trancoso, Gouveia, Guarda and Pinhel.