January 31 20



An investment of about five million euro on behalf of JF Almeida, and another one around six to seven million euro from Campos & Campos will be made in Paraguay  for the two Portuguese textile companies, aimed at producing for the South-American market.

The “investment of Portugal’s two biggest textile companies” in that country was announced by Juan Barboza, president of ADIRI – Agency for the Development and Integration of the Itaipú Region.

The new factories of the two Portuguese companies will be built in the industrial park of Hernandarias, region of Alto Paraná, a 400-hectare complex that was set-up with Korean capitals. Baptized as the Jung II Engineering SA Industrial Park, the complex has the capacity to host 200 factories from different fields, and is programmed to start labouring in November 2020.

The news of the investments made by the two companies was initially reported by the newspaper La Nación, which even included a photo of the meeting of Miguel and Luís de Campos, executive managers of Campos & Campos, with the local authorities.

Juan Barboza predicts that the two new factories will start operating during the second half of 2020, and that in a first phase “each one shall employ around 100 people, which will increase steadily in the medium term”.

The report also states that JF Almeida, as a reference in home textiles (their Heimtextil stand, in the photo), and Campos & Campos, as specialists in socks, will also be interested in a project of local production of cotton.