July 10 20



The global conference AuxDefense 2020, hosted by Universidade do Minho’s (UM) Fibrenamics with the support of the Portuguese Defense Ministry, gathered experts from 53 countries in all five continents this week, between July 6th and 8th. It was the second edition of the conference that debates the future of R&D in the defence sector.

UM’s R&D platform, led by Raúl Fangueiro (photo), performed the conference digitally, with the aim of presenting the avant-garde innovations developed in the field. The AuxDefense conference gathered several universities, research and technology centres, military institutions, companies and everyone with an interest in researching and developing materials and advanced solutions for the defence sector.

The conference was attended by more than 500 representatives and was held in a virtual forum, sharing ideas and presenting the sector’s most recent developments and trends, suggesting new solutions and promoting international cooperation.

Nano and micro technology, biotechnology, sensor technology, stealth material, smart structures and materials, and energy generation and storage were some hot topics of the event, where experts and institutions show how R&D is contributing to increase security and survival rate of the military in the various war zones.